Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hand-me-down guess who - Special Double Edition

In honor of my 200th post this edition of hand-me-down guess who will feature two outfits.

I will probably run out of hand-me-down outfits in this size range soon though.

I am finding that my taste in baby clothes is drastically different with Ava than with Alana. I like brighter, bolder colors. No pastels. Yuck. And I'm all about the one piece outfit. Not necessarily a onesie or dress, something in between. But if its one piece, that's great. Less effort, still cute.

So if I ever have a third daughter these clothes will be nowhere in sight. Third babies have all the luck.

David says we won't have a third girl though. Next time I'm making a boy. Yeah right.

So without further ado, here are my lovely ladies.


Kathy Kloos said...

Ava doesn't like brown. It's amazing how much they look alike but Ava has much bigger eyes. I'm not having any trouble tellling which one is which

Kerri said...

I love their painted toenails! So adorable!

chocoholic said...

That bonnet is so adorable!!


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