Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whether you like it or not

I just cut open a bottle of lotion. I took a kitchen knife and sawed it in half. There was still plenty of lotion in there and I was unwilling to throw it away or buy a new bottle until I used it. Then I took the two halves and put them in a sandwich bag.

Everytime I'm at my dad's house I tell the kids not to lean on the edges of the table, they're only held on with pins. (The edges didn't come off when we were kids and we leaned on it all the time).

I also tell all the kids to quit going in and out. Don't stand with the fridge door open, pick something and close it.

Before I know it I will be washing and reusing sandwich and freezer bags. Then I'll start using cool whip and butter containers as Tupperware. Eventually I will start taking bags of boiled chicken and bread with me on vacation instead of eating at restaurants.

Yes, its true. Its inevitable. We all eventually turn into our parents. Whether we're cutting open bottles of lotion or putting leftovers in a cool whip container, we can't help ourselves. It will happen to you eventually too. Don't try to fight it.

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