Thursday, April 1, 2010

One cheeseburger - hold the burger

Alana is obsessed with Mcdonald's. I think she's probably had more Happy Meals in her 3 1/2 years than I had my entire childhood. If I asked for fast food when I was a kid I was usually given the same response: We have food at home, make yourself a peanut butter sandwich.

Its not that we eat that much fast food. Its reserved for weekends or vacation. I'm sure about half of her fast food has come from my in-laws. That is what grandparents are for I guess. To buy you unhealthy food and cheaply made toys.

On Tuesday I promised Alana that if she was good at her first dentist appointment we could go to Mcdonalds. Sierra Vista Mcdonalds has something we don't have here in Benson, a playground. A giant indoor playground. She played on it for like 45 minutes until I had to force her to leave with the bribe of a Happy Meal. They have How to Train Your Dragon toys right now so we had to go eventually so she would stop asking to get one. She got a gronkle by the way, he's ugly but he shoots a fire dart out of his mouth. Awesome.

When she finally decided it was time to eat her cheeseburger she had one special request. Take the meat off. It's gwoss. I don't yike it. Then she ate the whole thing, minus the hamburger. What could be more delicious than a bun with cheese, ketchup and pickles?

Yesterday I bought her a kids meal from Sonic to eat after she was no longer drunk from the dentist. At dinner she took it out and asked me to take the burger off of it. I guess that's her thing, burgers without the burger. Cheese and ketchup sandwiches.

Maybe she got more of my eating habits than I thought. She is pretty much a vegetarian. She doesn't even really like chicken though either, which is crazy because we eat chicken like 4 days a week. But if her nana gives her fish sticks (barf) she'll eat them. She'll just have to find another way to get all of her protein.

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