Friday, April 2, 2010


My favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor of the week is: S'mores! This is one of my favorite ice cream flavors ever. Its chocolate ice cream, swirled with graham cracker crumbs and roasted marshmallow cream, with chocolate chunks.

Its really rich and chocolatey, but also has a hint of saltiness. The graham cracker and marshmallow swirls are really really good, and they're what adds the salty flavor. And there are plenty of chocolate chunks to go around. They never skimp on toppings.

When I eat this flavor I end up forcing myself to put it away, because its so good I eat almost half of it in one sitting. I usually keep my ice cream portions small, but with S'mores I just keep getting one more bite and before I know it I've eaten a ton.

I gave this flavor an A+. Its in my top five ever. Its really yummy. Go out and buy some. But you'll have to go to Safeway (if you live in Benson/St. David) they don't sell it at Walmart.

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