Friday, April 23, 2010

Vacation envy

I guess I shouldn't be jealous that the Shermans and my parents are going to Disneyland without me tomorrow. I did just go in February.

And my dad sometimes drives me crazy on vacation with his chronic cheapness. How many boiled chicken sandwiches should one person have to eat?

But family vacations are fun. The good and the bad and the ugly. Memories are made. Good times are had. Boiled chicken sandwiches are eaten.

Makes me think of the last real vacation my entire family went on.

That's me on the right with the awesome hat on. Don't be jealous. You can get one too. Just go to Walmart in 1998. Melissa had one too. Hers was also awesome. I know you're also jealous of my dad's cowboys hat. 

This is five out of six of us at the Grand Canyon. Don't know where Nathan is. Probably annoying someone else or being dangled over the edge. That's me on the left, with the awesome sandals you can't see very well. I'm holding my cheap-as-can-be souvenirs. Postcards. Had to ration out my money. Tell you all about it here. And Melissa is now wearing her awesome 1998 Walmart hat. I like Nicole's red shirt/orange shorts color combo. You gotta love the 90's.

This is me at Excalibur in Las Vegas. Someone should've told me parting my hair in the middle looked stupid. Hindsight is 20/20. I've got my awesome sandals on again. Maybe I should mention that brown leather sandals were all the rage at this point in time. Doc Martens were the best but substitutes were accepted and everyone had them. And your eyes do not deceive you. I'm wearing an anklet. This picture makes me appreciate my flat iron even more.

I do love Disneyland and vacations and I'm grateful for everyone that I get to go on. I hope there are lots more in the future.

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