Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chocolate milkshakes

There is only one way to properly make a chocolate milkshake. With chocolate ice cream.

If you make it with vanilla ice cream and add chocolate syrup and flavoring of some kind, you are wrong. No offense. Its just gross.

I hate when I go to a restaurant and order a chocolate milk shake and that's what I get.

Its even worse if the milkshake comes out of a machine. It reminds me of Jack in the Box commercials a few years ago where they were using a milkshake as mortar to build a brick wall. Not that their milkshakes are any better.

Its sad that only a few places make their milkshakes the proper way. If I want a chocolate shake I have to go to Dennys or the movie theater at Park Place. I can't even go to Dairy Queen for a proper milkshake. They add syrup to vanilla ice cream. Its nasty.

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