Friday, April 23, 2010

Dealing with disappointment

David was mildly depressed this week. He had NFL based disappointment.

He is a huge Cowboys fan and was looking forward to them coming to AZ this year.

Last year broke his 7-ish year streak of seeing them play every year.

Some games they won, some they lost. But he always had fun. Till the end of the game when they lost and he'd have to walk out in his Cowboys gear and get heckled by fans of the opposing team. He was still a proud Cowboys fan though.

But I think he was mostly lucky when he went. They won more than they lost. And he got to share some camaraderie with fellow Cowboys fans.

So David was anxiously awaiting the Cowboys schedule. He wanted to see when the Cowboys would be playing the Cardinals so he could go see them and talk crap with his friend who is a Cardinals fan.

They play here in AZ, but its at 4:30 pm on Christmas Day. I don't care if he goes, but I'm not going. There's no way I'm leaving my kids on Christmas to watch football. He can, but I'm not going to.

So my poor abused husband probably won't get to see his beloved Cowboys play in person again this year. We'll have to save up and go to the new stadium next year.

Good thing the draft started last night, so he has something to take his mind off of the pain of missing the game.

I'm sure he will mention that the Cowboys are here at least ten times on Christmas.

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