Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alana and the dentist

Alana went to the dentist today and finally actually got something done there. Every other time she hasn't let anyone near her, but today she didn't have a choice.

Today when she went they gave her a shot to put her to sleep and then put her under general anesthesia. Just sedating her last time wasn't enough. She's a fighter.

I felt so bad for her this morning when she asked for breakfast. Sorry Lana, no food for you. Its one thing when you're older and you understand why you can't have anything to eat. Its a whole other story when you're three, and all you want is a bowl of cereal. I told her sorry, but you can't have anything until after you go to the dentist to get the holes in your teeth fixed.

She's the new owner of three metal crowns. Two on top, one on bottom. They make her look badass. She has street cred now. They are on her molars though, so its not like they're the first thing you see.

She also got like three root canals. My poor lady. If she would cooperate and let me brush her teeth it wouldn't be so bad. But she's independent, she wants to do it herself. And she brushes her teeth like a three year old.

When she was in recovery I got to go in and sit while she woke up. She was out pretty good. I seized the day and cut her nails while she was still out. Its normally a struggle, but if she is passed out then I can cut her nails with no problems.

She was pretty drunk for awhile still after we left the dentist. On the way home the first thing she did was ask if we could go get Mcdonalds. She is obsessed with Mcdonalds. And she kept asking when we were going to the dentist. She didn't remember anything after getting the shot that knocked her out.

All in all she did pretty good. She didn't have any problems with the anesthesia, all of her cavities are gone and she doesn't have any real memory of even going to the dentist.

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