Thursday, March 25, 2010


There's a reason men aren't typically the stay-at-home parent. They are pretty much incapable of doing more than one thing at once. I'll admit that at work David may be able to multi-task, but he loses that ability the minute he clocks out.

Last night I was taking a bath after giving Ava a bath. After I handed Ava to David, clean and shiny and smelling good, his task was simple. All he had to do was get her lotioned up and dressed, while still watching Alana. Simple enough right?

Alana was painting at the kitchen table and while David was getting Ava dressed, with the kitchen table in clear sight, Alana painted her entire hand and arm up to her elbow. Then she showed David and he sent her into the bathroom to have me wash her off. So much for a relaxing bath.

David said he couldn't watch Alana cause he was getting Ava dressed. Like that task requires so much concentration that he was unable to do anything else. That is why men don't stay home to take care of their kids full time. They can't.

Sometimes when I ask David to do something in the household chore department, he will reply he can't, he is watching Alana and/or Ava. If it were truly impossible to watch a child and do housework at the same time nothing would ever get accomplished around here. Its not exactly rocket science. You put the kid in the highchair in the kitchen with you when you're doing the dishes. Clean the living room when they're watching TV.

Men can't imagine vacuuming while holding a baby on their hip, much less peeling potatoes sitting in the living room while playing with a baby who is rolling around the room. I somehow manage to keep the house clean, the laundry done, the kids fed and clothed and not burn the house down in the process. And I still have time to read or write blogs. They do take naps after all. Like I said, its not rocket science.

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