Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can't argue with logic

Tuesday when I attempted to dress Alana in non-pajama clothes she asked if we were going anywhere. When I said no she said she didn't want to get dressed.

A little while ago I got Jayden dressed in something  besides just his underwear. Not that that look wasn't working for him, but his mom sent clothes so at some point he should probably wear them. He asked if we were going anywhere.

Is there some link in a three year olds mind that says clothes=going somewhere? Do you have to be leaving the house to change out of your pajamas? If that were the case I would only wear pajamas most of the week. Not that I'm a natural homebody, but I haven't got anywhere to go. And we only have one car, so even if I wanted to go somewhere I couldn't just do it spur of the moment.

Three year olds have got some crazy logic though. And they say crazy things. I was invited to a birthday party a little while ago. Scooby doo was scheduled to appear. And they were wrapping their own presents. I had a prior engagement to feed Ava, but I bet it was a great party.

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