Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day at the movies

Alana was pretty hyped every time she saw the 1000 previews for How to train your Dragon, so we decided to go see it this weekend.

We had been telling her we were going to see it all week, so when she went to Walmart with David mid-week he bought her a shirt. Its a couple sizes too big with a crazy small head hole, and its hideous, but she thinks its awesome. It has a picture of Toothless, the main character dragon on it. She was as excited to wear the shirt as she was to see the movie.

David insisted on seeing the movie in 3D even though I was against it. I hate wearing those stupid glasses for two hours. And Alana won't wear them the whole time, so she's probably wondering why the movie is so blurry. Ava too. You can't put 3D glasses on a baby.

My morning at the movies had a rough start. Ava was tired and squirmy, I spilled almost all of David's popcorn on the floor, then Ava smacked her head on the armrest and when I got up to take her into the hallway I kicked my bottle of water underneath someone elses seat.

After Ava settled down and went to sleep I finally got to enjoy the movie.

I have to admit that the 3D was worth it. It was really awesome. The scenes where the dragon is flying through the clouds were really cool. You can just see so many more details in 3D. Every blade of grass, every little piece of floating ash, every hair on Hiccup's head. It was worth the hype.

It was a really good movie and I highly recommend it. I'm so glad they make kids movies so that adults can enjoy them too. Or those of us who are just big kids.

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