Monday, February 1, 2010

Too friendly?

Sometimes Alana is so friendly, here are two examples:

Yesterday we went to Taco Bell in Sierra Vista to eat lunch. When we walked in I noticed a cardboard cutout of the "drive thru diet" lady in the corner by the bathroom, but Alana didn't notice it. After we ordered I went to the bathroom and took Alana with me. When we came out she noticed the cardboard cutout but she thought it was a real person. The cutout was right by the table she wanted to sit at so she went up to the cutout and said hi, even though I was telling her it wasn't a real person. She walked right up to it, said hi in her friendliest voice and reached out to touch it. That's when the lady folded in half at the waist and fell right on top of her. She screamed and ran away crying. I couldn't help but laugh as I propped the cutout back up against the wall and went to comfort Alana. She was really mad after that, even after I tried to tell her it was just a big picture of that lady. Then when David came to the table she made sure to tell him not to touch the big picture of that lady.

Today we were driving by Liberty Tax and since its tax season they have a person dressed up as the statue of liberty outside. In the past they have had a low budget costume, which was pretty much just someone with a greenish robe, a fake torch and a crown. This year they decided to go big or go home and went with a person with a giant foam statue of liberty head and ugly green robe. I guess to Alana this looks like a potential character at Disneyland and since she loves to meet all of them she said she wanted to go meet that person. She wanted me to pull the car over right there so she could get out and meet the liberty tax mascot. She wanted to give it a hug. I told her that at Disneyland she could meet whoever she wanted and she asked if that guy was going to be there.

Maybe sometimes she is too friendly!

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