Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stinky rat boys

A few years ago David started referring to my nephews as rat boys. The nickname stuck for a little bit, at least in our house. About six months ago I referred to them as "stinky rat boys" to Alana. I asked her if she was excited that her "stinky rat boy cousins" were coming over. Of course she said yes, they are awesome! Since then she has been calling all three of them stinky rat boys. She knows their names, but most of the time they are just stinky rat boys.

Yesterday at Walmart she picked out a clearance box of valentines because she wanted to give some to her cousins. She proudly carried that box around the store and while we waited in line she told EVERYONE who they were for. She is a hot lady, so naturally people always smile at her and say hi. That gives her an open invitation to have a conversation about her purchases. Everyone that looked at her got a whole mouthful about how she was buying that box of candy to give to her stinky rat boys. They have no idea what she's talking about so I always have to explain so they know how to respond. What do you say to a three year old at Walmart who's talking about rat boys and you have no idea what she's talking about?

I can't even tell Alana in advance if her cousins are coming over, because she'll bug me all day until they get here. Yesterday I told her that Dole and her stinky rat boy cousins were coming over in the afternoon and she asked me at least ten times when they were going to get here. When they finally did get here she got so excited. She said "hi stinky rat boys", and then Grayson said something along the lines of "aah" to her and she laughed really loud and said "mommy, Grayson said aah to me". She was that excited just because he said something to her, and it wasn't even a real word. After that she mostly played with Jayden since they are so close in age they have more common interests, even if her idea of fun is playing with dolls or playing "doctor" and his idea of fun is taking off his shirt and showing off his bike riding skills.

Grayson and Colby are really cool to her because they are older, especially Grayson. He is the epitome of awesome. Everything he does is cool to Alana, after all he's older and wiser so therefore really awesome. I remember thinking my older cousins were cool too, just because they were older than me. Older = cooler.

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