Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Excited and impatient

Only four days left until we go to Disneyland and I can't wait. Hopefully the next two days that David is working will go fast because when he's not home time has a tendency to drag on. I'm not by nature a patient person so the days before vacation always drag on forever.

I liken them to the days before a really awesome field trip when I was in school. Just waiting to go to the renaissance fair or a leadership conference in high school always made me so excited. I would pack my backpack/bags like a week ahead of time. In elementary school I always liked the field trips where we had to bring our own lunch, because that meant I would get something extra awesome, usually a lunchable (a days worth of salt in one convenient package), a bag of chips and a candy bar. The candy bar was always my favorite part so of course it had to be eaten last for full enjoyment. I'm surprised I didn't eat the candy the night before because I was so excited to have a candy bar!

More than one time I ate like half of the candy for girls camp that I had bought for handouts/mail to my friends. I would have them rationed out to give to my "secret sister", my actual sister if she was an adventurer that year, and whoever else I had previously determined. Then I would eat the rest. Its a miracle I'm not a giant fat person.

I'm so excited to go to Disneyland its actually a little dorky. David said the same thing. Here we are, 27 and 30, and we're counting down the days till we go see Mickey Mouse. We can say its for our kids all we want but the reality of it is that we love Disneyland just as much as they do, probably more.

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