Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poor man's diet

Right now I am kind of starving but I have nothing to eat. Its not that we don't have anything in our pantry, its just all crap that David or my ladies eat, not me. I'm not really a Chef Boyardee kind of girl, and stage 2 baby food isn't that yummy either. Usually on Wednesdays we have lots more food, cause that's when I go grocery shopping. But I hate to buy perishable food a few days before we go on vacation for a week. We probably won't finish it and by the time we come home it will have gone bad. Bananas don't exactly have a long shelf life. So that leaves me rummaging through the cupboards looking for something I like to eat. I ended up with a big glass of instant breakfast, not the most filling food in the world but if I eat anything too filling I won't be hungry for dinner at 6. Plus I want to use up all of the milk left in the fridge before Saturday. At least this way I won't overeat before vacation so the half a dozen chocolate chip cookies I eat at Disneyland will be okay.

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