Monday, February 15, 2010

McNugget Buffet

McDonald's has a special every weekend of February: 50 "chicken" mcnuggets for $9.99. The very idea of that made David excited, he said we definitely had to go get some nuggets. So that's what we did. On Saturday I went up to McDonald's and bought a giant box of nuggets with a bunch of different sauces for our dipping pleasure and the obligatory Happy meal for Alana. We had sauce buckets lined up on the floor next to our nugget buffet. My personal favorite was the sweet chili sauce, which is kind of like the sauce on the orange chicken at Panda Express. A close second was a combo of ranch and buffalo, it was reminicsent of a hot wing. Between the two of us we probably ate at least 30, with Alana taking only a couple. We wouldn't let her just dip them in ranch and lick it off so that made her stop eating them. I think I ate at least ten, and my stomach was really full afterward.

I'm not always a big fan of the McNugget. They have their moments but I'd rather eat almost anything else on McDonald's menu than the weird breaded chicken concoction, that claims to be made with all white meat. Just because they are made with all white meat doesn't mean they are healthy. They are "white meat" glued together with some of the crap leftover from making hotdogs or dog food, then they are breaded and fried. I'm okay with me eating it, I'm a consenting adult. But the fact that people feed them to small children under the pretense that they're healthy because they're chicken is total crap. They're no healthier than a cheeseburger and they don't actually occur in nature. But I still eat them so I guess I'm either a hypocrite for saying they're unhealthy or I just have a big weakness for junk food.

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