Thursday, February 11, 2010

Killing Time

Its ten days until we go on vacation and time is passing so very slowly that I can't believe it. I am so bored right now and that just makes it worse. I have no good TV shows on my tivo, both my ladies are asleep, David's at work until 6, I don't need to start dinner for at least another half an hour.

To top it all off I just finished the book I was reading, which always leaves me feeling a little bit empty. For 2 days I read all about these characters and their lives and I got sort of attached to them, then at the end of the 750 pages I am kind of sad that I'm done with it. I try to find long books so I don't finish them so quickly, but I read fast and have a lot of time on my hands so I'm usually done in a couple of days.

I had actually bought the book to read on the drive to Disneyland, but I was too hyped to read it since it was by one of my favorite authors, Wally Lamb. He has only written a few books and he spaces them out like ten years, so when I saw the book at Target I had to buy it. I knew he had another book coming out last year, but I was too cheap to buy it even though I really wanted to read it. It's called "The hour I first believed" and I highly recommend it. It starts out with fictional characters in a non-fiction setting, which happens to be Columbine High School. The book follows the main character and his wife, who work there at the time of the school shootings in 1999, and then follows their lives afterward as they try to move on. It was really good and it made me kind of sad to finish it.

Now I'm left with the next ten days to fill with activities, and the whole time I'm ready to be on vacation. The ladies and I are getting a little bit of cabin fever and Disneyland is the only cure. Plus when you are staying in a hotel someone else makes your bed, takes out the trash and cleans the toilet.

So now I've got to kill a little bit of time so the days don't pass so slowly. I could scrapbook, but I'm out of adhesive. Or maybe I'll find something else to read, but every book at Walmart is crap and magazines are mostly ads. Hopefully my ladies will wake up soon and want to play.

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