Friday, February 12, 2010

Helpful Advice

Just a few things I've learned recently in my day to day life. Nothing out of the ordinary, but helpful to me nonetheless.

*Don't go to Walmart without combing your hair - you will inevitably see someone you know and their hair will be combed.
*Don't stand in front of the open fridge door and complain you're cold - your mommy won't feel sorry for you.
*Don't tell your daughter in law about your lady problems - she doesn't want to know. (The same goes for your son, he doesn't want to know either)
*Don't leave a baby who can roll over on the couch, she sees that as a challenge to roll off.
*Don't rent a movie from the Redbox unless you have at least 30 minutes scheduled to return it.
*If your baby is still awake after swinging for 30+ minutes, she is probably poopy.
*If you suck at baseball in real life, then you probably aren't going to excel at baseball on the Wii.
*Baked beans can be eaten cold, directly out of the can and will taste just as good if you're a hungry 3 year old.
*Always soak clothes that have been pooped on in warm water, or else you're gonna end up washing them at least three times.
*Babies always look sweeter when they're asleep on your lap.
*If something made your baby sister laugh one time, then its bound to work every other time you do it from now on.
*The only way to stop a stubborn 3 year old from turning on the bedroom TV when she's in trouble is to unplug it.
*Never say you will never wear maternity pants with a panel, they are deceptively comfortable (especially the secret fit ones from Motherhood).
*The cutest maternity clothes are the ones for sale when you're not pregnant, and all cute clothes are for sale when you don't have any money.

I don't know if this advice will be helpful to anyone else, but its all stuff I'm gonna stick to.

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