Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Put on your dancing shoes

At the beginning of March, as long as I can get David to agree, Alana is going to start going to dance classes! I've seen the sign in the storefront here in Benson a few times, but I always forget to write down the number to get info. Today when I was driving by I got my phone out and punched the numbers in so I could call when I got home. That doesn't count as using my phone while driving either. When I got home I called the number and I'm in luck, they accept 3 year olds. So every Monday and Wednesday evening Alana will be dancing the night away.

She has been dancing around like a crazy person since she could stand, so I think she'll really like it. She used to mimic the cheerleaders dance moves at practice, like really mimic them. She picked up on little moves that they did and she looked so cute standing next to them copying them. She also repeats moves from music videos, so I tell David to try to steer clear of some rap videos when hes flipping through the channels. He channel surfs through MTV video channels just to get Alana to dance.

If she does get to join she will have her big dancing debut in May, all glittered up in a fancy sequined costume. Since she loves to dress in fancy pretty clothes that will be another highlight for her I'm sure.

Keeping my fingers crossed that David agrees with me on how much she will love it because she is such a social person and I know she would really enjoy getting to play with girls her own age.

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