Sunday, February 28, 2010

Home sweet home

We are back from Disneyland! We had so much fun and we are still all pretty tired from the long week of walking everywhere we wanted to go. The few days before we went seemed to take forever and then the five days that we were at Disneyland just flew by. Before I knew it it was Friday morning and we were loading the car up to go home to Arizona. Where did the week go?

So now we're home and I'm drowning in a huge pile of laundry and putting off doing the dishes until tomorrow. One last day of semi-vacation won't hurt anything.

Our vacation was so much fun and we did so much that writing on big blog about it would take an eternity. So I've decided to write a bunch of small blogs and include the pictures from that specific event to reduce my work load a little bit. So stay tuned for more info on our awesome Disneyland trip. I'll probably write all about it over the next couple of days, I just have to figure out what to start with.

I'll just post one pic of our trip for now since I updated the slideshow at the bottom of the page with lots of new Disney pictures.

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