Monday, March 1, 2010

Time for a road trip

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a serious case of vacation eve insomnia. The night before we go on vacation I cannot sleep no matter how tired I am. So last Saturday night before we were heading to Disneyland I managed to get about 5 hours sleep, then Ava woke up at like 2 am with a growling tummy. After I fed her it was still only like 2:15 and I was wide awake. We were planning on leaving at around 4 am so that the girls would sleep a good chunk of the way there and plus we wanted to get there early since we had 5 days worth of Disneyland tickets to use.

So I decided to do my hair at 2:15 in the morning. After like 10 minutes David got up too, he suffers from the same type of vacation eve insomnia. We both figured that it was pointless to sit around our house in the middle of the night just waiting to leave. Our stuff was already loaded in the car so all we needed to pack was our kids. So we left at 3 am. It was a little crazy, but definitely worth it. We were halfway there before the sun even came up plus we gained an hour going into California because of daylight savings time. (Good for the way there, bad for the way back).

So after stopping at McDonald's in Quartzsite and a Target somewhere in the middle of nowhere we managed to get to our hotel at 11 am. Our room was already ready and we checked in, but we were anxious to go to Disneyland so we left our stuff in the car and went into the park.

The ride home seemed a little bit longer, but I read a book the whole time so I didn't really pay that close of attention. Our kids were still tired from the long week so they slept more on the way home, but we weren't able to get away with just stopping twice, we had to upgrade to three times. Luckily for us Ava is better with being in the car than Alana ever was as a baby, so we didn't have to hear any screaming babies the whole time. Alana was busy watching movies on the portable DVD player so she didn't care where we were anyway.

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