Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy birthday Grandma

Today is my Little Grandma's 80th birthday. They are having a big party for her and I'm not gonna make it due to vomit, so I thought I'd dedicate my newest post to her.

First of all, why is she "little"? My cousin Amy started calling my great grandma "big" grandma, so naturally my grandma became "little" grandma, since she was next in line on the grandmother totem pole. As a little kid this confused me to no end. Why was Little Grandma called little and Big Grandma called big? Little Grandma was like a foot taller than Big Grandma, so in my opinion the titles needed reversed. It was explained to me that Little Grandma was little because she was younger than Big Grandma. I didn't see it. They were both over fifty so in my opinion they were both old.

Little Grandma was the go to babysitter for us during the early part of my childhood. We would go over to her house if we were sick and my mom had to go somewhere, or if my parents were going dancing. She almost always had ice cream and ice cream cones to go with that, and that was always a highlight. Sometimes the ice cream cones would have names on them, but they were always old fashioned ones like Bob or Mary so I was "Mary" while I was eating my fudge marble ice cream cone.

I remember her always watching the same shows at the same time everyday, a little Rosie O'Donnell show, some Oprah and a healthy dose of the White Horse Cafe. If you don't remember White Horse Cafe, it was a country music dancing show on TNN, and all it ever showed was people dancing to old country wearing snazzy cowboy hats and boots and fringe on their shirts.

I don't get to see my grandma very often now since we live far away from each other, but sometimes I miss her. I always think back to going to her house with the brown couch that you'd sink into and reading some back issues of Reader's Digest. She was a staple in my childhood and she will always be my favorite grandma.

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