Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lovable Troublemaker

Alana has been a class 1 poophead the past couple of days. Her potty training is going good, she has pretty much "trained" herself, but when it comes time to dump out the potty into the toilet the stubborn brat comes out. She insists on doing it herself and she's not exactly careful. Then she wants to rinse it out in the sink by herself, but she can't reach the sink. She has also not been a fan of taking no for an answer. I tell her no and she screams like a little devil child. The other night Ava was chewing on a toy of Alana's and Alana decided sharing isn't her cup of tea, so she took the toy away from her. The next morning she kept trying to play with a bunch of different toys that all belonged to Ava. I told her that if she can't share with her sister then she can't play with any of her sister's toys. So she begrudgingly handed Ava the toy she had taken away from her the night before, as some sort of trade off for all of the toys of Ava's that she wanted to play with. She is also a TV tyrant. Even if she's in the other room she will insist that you leave the TV on whatever she was watching. This morning she went into her room to play and yelled out "Don't turn off Mulan!" Like I was going to take orders from a 3 year old.

Even with all of her brattiness its not possible to stay mad at her. When I was blow drying my hair today she kept yelling "Mommy, I wuv you!" as loud as she possibly could to drown out the hair dryer. Then I would answer her and she would say again "Mommy! Mommy! I wuv you!" After I turned off the hair dryer again and answered her she yelled again "MOMMY! I wuv you again!" How could I be mad at a bratty little girl who says she "wuvs" me again?

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