Friday, February 19, 2010


Its crazy the random stuff we remember. My mom asked me to think of something embarassing that she's done and I'm drawing a blank. I can however, think of plenty of embarassing things that I've done.

I once walked around the entire grocery store as carefree as possible, then when I got to the register the courtesy clerk told me my zipper was down.

At the same store I opened the dairy case and three gallons of milk fell on the floor at my feet, they all broke and made a giant mess. When I got up front my boyfriend at the time and his friend were standing there laughing. They were in the dairy cooler and pushed the milk out when I opened the door because they thought it would be funny. Ha ha.

I fell a ridiculous amount of times ice skating, then had to crawl to the side to get up while little kids passed me by pointing and laughing. Then when I finally pulled myself up the whole front of my pant legs were soaking wet from the ice.

Once on a van trip to who-knows-where in high school I was sitting there, minding my own business, listening to my discman (which was awesome by the way), I decided to make a suggestion about where we should drive. So I said "WE SHOULD TAKE THE CARPOOL LANE" in my "kloos" voice, not realizing how loud I was since the volume on my discman was turned up so loud.

More than one time I had pen marks on my face during class, and of course I didn't realize it. Someone had to point it out. After that happened a couple of times I became very careful when I was writing or putting my pen behind my ear. Its even worse if nobody tells you, then you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and wonder how long that mark has been there.

I never personally experienced this next one, but I know plenty of girls who got their monthly visit from their "Aunt Flo" at very bad times. Sometimes it was in the middle of class or during lunch, but more often than not they didn't realize it and someone had to point it out, usually a boy. That would be really humiliating.

All of my most embarassing memories are all from high school, since at that point in most people's lives they are so unsure of who they are. If any of these happened to me now, as a self assured 27 year old, I wouldn't even care. But in high school I'm sure my face turned red and I thought I was going to die of embarassment.

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