Monday, February 1, 2010

Battle of the giant TV

Yesterday David bought a new extremely ridiculous 50 inch TV. He has wanted to buy a newer bigger TV for a couple of years, probably ever since my dad got a 46 inch TV that made our 37 inch look a little smaller in comparison.

He bought a 37 inch TV 4 years ago right after we got married. We were in Las Vegas and I said if he won enough money to buy a bigger TV then I didn't care if he got one. I also said he would have to buy a new entertainment center to put it on since our old one wasn't gonna cut it. Never bet against David in Vegas. He won $1500 playing roulette. We were eating dinner at a food court like area in NY NY and everyone thought David had gone to the bathroom or something. Then he came back with a stupid smile on his face. He had turned $250 into $1500 in less than ten minutes. He just kept doubling his money until he decided to stop pressing his luck. So on the way home we stopped at Costco and bought the biggest TV that we could get for the money we had to spend. Then we bought a big entertainment center to put it on that happens to be adjustable so you can put giant TVs on it.

Yesterday after we went to Walmart to buy the new giant TV we brought it home and had to rearrange our whole entertainment center and all of the crap on it to fit the TV. Without adjusting it or moving it the space is 46 inches x 32 inches. The TV measures 49 x 33. So we had to move the stupid towers apart about 4 inches and take down the shelf that was right above the old TV. The whole thing is really heavy and I'm not exactly helpful when it comes to moving stuff, given my skinny chicken arms. The most I can lift is about 30 lbs, about the size of Alana. Then after we finally got the cabinet space big enough to fit the dumb thing in I had to hook up all of the video game stuff, dvd player and cable.

I happen to have a husband who likes to watch TV but has no idea how to hook up any of the eqiupment for it. So while I'm behind the TV trying to figure out the diagram of which av plug goes where and what cord belongs to what gadget, he wants to make small talk. I don't really care if you want to eat G & F's crappy cardboard pizza for dinner while I'm trying to make sense of all these weird diagrams and cords for a stupid TV that I don't even want. So I told him to leave me alone or he can figure out all of this junk and I will go watch TV in the bedroom. Why not just watch TV in the bedroom anyway? It now houses our "old" 37 inch TV that was in the living room. It makes the 25 inch TV that was in there before seem tiny. After a while and a trip to Walmart in search of an av splitter I figured out how to hook everything up without having to turn the TV around everytime David wants to play stupid video games.

I personally wish he hadn't gotten a new TV because it was a giant thorn in my side, but he really likes it. I don't like that the cable remote won't adjust the volume on the new TV when it worked perfectly fine with the old one. I also hate that I lost a shelf over the TV where I had a bunch of picture frames and there is now a 2 inch gap on either side of the middle of the entertainment center, when before there was no space at all. But I do like having a bigger, nicer, non buzzing TV in the bedroom.

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