Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hungry shopping

Last night I remembered why I was always told not to go to the grocery store hungry. I ate some Lucky Charms at like 3:30 so when David got home around six I wasn't very hungry. Alana had gone with Nicole to my dad's house and since Ava either has breastmilk or baby food, I didn't bother to make dinner. It was Friday, I needed a break. So at that point in the day I wasn't really hungry and didn't feel like cooking.

So about an hour after David came home we decided to go to Walmart. We just got our tax return and the money is kind of burning a hole in our pockets. I didn't really intend to buy any food, maybe some bananas since I ate the last one, maybe a candy bar because candy always tastes good. So we walk through the store and I end up in the ice cream aisle staring at the Ben & Jerry's. What harm could possibly come from a small thing of half baked ice cream? Then we skipped the next couple aisles and ended up in the cereal aisle, where I picked up like 3 boxes of cereal, then the baking aisle where I got cookie mix. Then we wandered around a little bit more, looked at the TVs, circled back and went up front to pay. As I was putting my groceries up at the register I realized how much crap I threw in the cart. I usually pay close attention to what I'm getting, maybe only buy a candy at the cash register, and go to the store with a full stomach. I bought 3 boxes of sweet cereal, frozen waffles (which I NEVER buy), ice cream, a kit kat, cookie mix, actual cookies and bananas for a little variety. To top that off David got two bottles of soda and a box of popsicles. We must have looked like junk food junkies!

It really made me remember why I always eat before I go to the grocery store - so I don't buy everything that sounds even remotely appetizing!

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