Friday, January 29, 2010

Disneyland Bound

All went according to plan with my bank account and the IRS and our tax refund was deposited at midnight last night. I actually logged in to my account at 2 o'clock this  morning when I was up feeding Ava. I couldn't help it, I was way too impatient and curious. When I saw the balance had increased dramatically I was so excited. So then at seven am David got up because he wanted to check our bank balance to see if we'd gotten our money. When he got up it woke me up so we decided to pay our bills and make our reservations right then. So as of 7:30 this morning our reservation is made and paid for at the Disneyland hotel, our tickets bought, our rental car reserved, the credit card I'm using for the rental car is paid off, we set aside a generous amount of spending money for vacation and we even managed to pay off some bills, including paying off our Best Buy card.

We decided this year to splurge and stay at a Disney hotel. The past two years we stayed right across the street at the Fairfield Inn which was ok, but not great. I love that its within walking distance and its pretty clean, but the rooms are really small, a little bit overpriced for the size and the corridors are outside. Thats not a big deal when you're an adult, but when you have a 3 year old who wants to walk by herself and you're on the sixth floor and the railing doesn't really look that sturdy, that's a dealbreaker. Plus, Disneyland hotels are having a special that if you buy 3 nights you get 2 for free. How could I pass that up?

All thats left to do is make reservations for a couple of character meals, probably breakfasts, which we really love. Its so nice when Minnie Mouse and Snow White come to you, instead of the other way around. One of our favorite things about Disneyland are all of the characters and its great to not have to wait in line to see them for just a second or see the character and go to get in line and the line is closed. We only get pictures with them though, I think its overkill to gets Mickey Mouse's autograph. Not to mention that its a little mean to make that character hold a pen with their big awkward hand.

I'm so excited to go! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve right before we go to Disneyland, even though most of the stuff that we do is for little kids. We can't really go on the big rides for right now since our kids are little and 2 of the times that we've gone I've been pregnant. Its worth it just to see how much fun Alana has and this will be Ava's first time (in the womb doesn't count!).

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