Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas has already come and gone and I am partly relieved that its over and partly sad because it goes by so quick. I already took down my decorations and now my house looks so bare.

It was Ava's first Christmas and she was so cute and sweet all day that I just wanted to pinch her chubby cheeks. She put every toy that we handed her in her mouth, just to taste test it and check it for durability. She really loved to stare at the lights on the tree and at the brightly colored christmas shower curtain that we had in the bathroom. (I know a Christmas shower curtain sounds sort of lame but mine is AWESOME!)

Alana acted so surprised and happy with each new toy that she opened. She was so cute! She really loved her toy flat iron from Aunt Dole and has literally spent hours since then "doing" her hair. She also got quite a few disney themed barbies, a barbie convertible (I'm jealous since I always wanted one) and lots of coloring stuff .  She was really excited on Christmas Eve when I put on her puffy dress because she loves to be glamourous. She was spinning around in circles and smiling.

David and I are lame-o's who pick out our own presents so there were no surprise there. It was a really good and fun Christmas and I'm really grateful that I got to spend it with family.

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