Monday, January 11, 2010

Miraculous Recovery?

Today I called a computer repair place for a rough estimate to fix my presumably dead computer. They charge $50 an hour and quoted me a price of at least $100 - $150. There goes all my spending money. They also said it would cost me extra for them to retrieve the pictures I have stored on the computer that I didn't have backed up. I kept meaning to back them up but I never got around to it. Some of them are on Walmart's photo website, but not all of them. That was my #1 concern when the computer stopped working. I would be so mad if my ladies didn't have all of their baby pictures that I've taken (the number is pretty high) even though they would have some of them.

I figured it wouldn't hurt anything if I gave fixing the computer one more try, even though I previously deemed it a lost cause. So I turned it on, reconnected the modem and waited. The first thing I did was open my image zone, where all of my pictures are stored, which I couldn't access because of the virus that was not letting me open any programs or files. It worked! So I opened iTunes, David's #1 concern, and it worked! So I thought I'd push my luck and get online. My beloved internet, source of all outside communication, my bill paying resource, where I get all of my news and information about everything. It worked! I don't want to push my luck so I'm staying clear of Myspace because I'm pretty sure that was the source of the virus. I want to close my account, but there is no way I'm going to log on and risk my computer crashing.

So for now, hopefully, God willing, my computer is working. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, backing up my pictures and upgrading my anti-virus software. I just can't do without my computer again.

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