Sunday, January 3, 2010

Computer withdrawal

So my computer at home is still not working. Leave it to my bad luck that my washing machine and computer both broke in the same week and that happened to be the week before Christmas. I didn't realize how much I'm on the computer until mine broke. When both girls are asleep I find myself wandering through the kitchen, gazing longingly at the blank screen. Even David will go in the kitchen and move the mouse to "wake up" the computer, then realize its dead.

Its not entirely dead, but the virus it has contracted has made it completely unusable. It is a virus claiming to be anti-virus software, which wants us to pay it $50 to cure it of the virus that it has. We can't open ANYTHING! David has all of his itunes music on there and I have all of my pictures. I really miss it.

It will probably be at least a couple of weeks till I can get it fixed since we spent all of our money on Christmas and our washing machine died two days earlier. Until then I will just have to find other ways to occupy my time when my ladies are napping.

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