Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Imagination run wild

The past few days Alana has been a crazy person dreaming up all kinds of things when she is playing. The other day we watched A Garfield Christmas and after it was over she was pretending that Garfield was sitting on the couch with her and after that he was hiding with her. Then on Monday she kept running around yelling "fire, fire, its gonna get me, put it out!" I have no idea where she got that from! She was saying "its everywhere, get it!" and stomping on the kitchen floor. It was pretty funny. The most recent crazy thing she's been doing is pretending that random inanimate objects are her "yittle baby" and she has to parent them. For an entire day it was a variety of dress up shoes that were her yittle baby. She would burp them, rock them, ask us to hold them and even pretend to nurse them when Ava was eating. This morning she was insisting the remote was her baby. That was my least favorite because I wanted to change the channel. I can only watch Wow Wow Wubbzy so many times in a row without losing my mind. Finally she decided the remote was not her baby and decided to mother an actual baby doll, Baby Belle. At least she has an active imagination!

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