Monday, December 14, 2009

Old lady Ava

Ava is four months old today! She is so cute and sweet and I'm so happy to have her. She is already rolling over from front to back, which shes actually been doing for a while now, and she loves to eat rice cereal and oatmeal with bananas or peaches. She likes jumping in her jumperoo (thanks for the loner Aunt Dole) and laying on her floor playmat so she can stare at herself in the mirror. She is full of smiles and giggles and will chew on anyones fingers who dares to get too close. She is starting to get "baby pattern baldness" on the back and sides of her head which really stands out since the hair above and below is long and thick. She's gonna end up with a little baby mullet! Hopefully her bald spot won't get too bad since she doesn't spend too much time laying down on her back. She is growing too fast and already weighs 14 lbs. She is constantly sucking on her thumb and 2 fingers and that is how she usually falls asleep. Babies grow up way too quickly and with Ava I just want to enjoy every moment that I have with her while she is still small. I'm in no rush for her to become a toddler. Not at all.

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