Saturday, December 19, 2009

Arizona winters

Today I went to Walmart and due to the fact that its December I put on my sweater and put jackets on my ladies and a hat on Ava. Then I actually went outside. It was like 70 degrees outside! I took my sweater and Ava's hat off since I was already sweating. How am I supposed to get in the Christmas spirit when its so hot? On Thursday we went shopping in Tucson and I stupidly wore a sweater. I was hot all day and kept trying to push the sleeves up but it didn't help! That's why I usually don't wear long sleeves. They are for people who live where its actually cold.

Not that I don't appreciate beautiful Arizona weather. You can actually go outside in winter without a coat and you don't have to scrape ice off of your windshield everyday. The sky is blue and clear almost all of the time and my heating bill is super low. I watch the news and people in other states are getting like 30 inches of snow on Halloween and I'm grateful that all I have to put on is a light sweater and I'm plenty warm. July and August leave a little to be desired in Arizona but beggars can't be choosers.

I didn't used to be hot ALL of the time. I actually thought it was cold a lot of the time and I would take a sweater to the movies in the middle of the summer because of the freezing cold a/c. Then I had babies. Pregnancy changed me. I actually sat in the lobby of a movie theater for the entire duration of Transformers 2 because the a/c wasn't working right in the theater. I was pregnant and so hot all of the time that there was no way I could tolerate sweating through some crappy action movie. Everyone said I wouldn't be as hot after I had Ava. They were SO wrong. I'm still hot and its December. I guess I should appreciate the low heating bills and just shut my mouth. I probably won't though.

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