Monday, December 21, 2009

Babies of Christmas past & present

Alana - 2006 Chubby and grouchy

Alana - 2007 My favorite christmas dress ever!

Alana - 2008 Too busy looking at the presents to take a picture

Alana - 2006                                                
Ava - 2009

Yesterday I put Ava in an old Christmas outfit of Alana's. Of course I had to take a picture to compare. The older Ava gets the less she looks like Alana (plus she's lucky enough to not have her daddy's forehead like her sister). I'm so glad to have Ava for Christmas this year. Babies only get one first Christmas and I want to make it special. Alana's first Christmas was definitely memorable. David went crazy buying stuff because he was so excited to have her.

Buying presents was definitely different with 2 girls to buy for. David actually had to control himself a little bit more. The presents aren't piled up to the ceiling like with Alana's first Christmas. He didn't buy four "Babies 1st Christmas" ornaments. We actually waited too long to buy Ava an ornament and I had to make her one. At least hers is personalized!

I'm just really grateful to have both of my ladies this Christmas and happy that we are able to get them lots of presents. Alana is growing up too fast and she's finally able to open her own presents without help from us. Ava is probably just going to try and eat the wrapping paper because that's how she rolls - she eats whatever she can put in her mouth! I know we'll have lots of fun and eat too much (probably just me) and make lots of memories.

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