Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lazy Tuesday

As a stay at home mom there are just some days that I lack the motivation to change anyone, especially myself, out of their pajamas. What is the point of getting dressed every day if I have no intention of leaving the house? It does save on laundry just a little because if I'm too lazy to change my ladies out of what they wore to bed the night before then I have a couple less outfits to wash next time I do laundry. Sometimes Ava doesn't give me a choice about changing her because her diaper leaks and I can't in good conscience leave her in poopy clothes all day. That kind of crosses the line.

Nine times out of ten I put them in their clothes and comb Alana's hair even though we won't see the light of day. The statistic for me is probably a lot worse though. I'm gonna estimate that I get dressed about 60% of the time. Its not that I don't shower, its just that after I shower I put on clean pajamas, no makeup and just dry my hair. Drying my hair doesn't improve it much since without the aid of a flat iron its texture leaves a lot to be desired.

In a couple of years when Alana goes to school I will have to improve on my lazy days because theres no way I'm gonna be that lady who looks like she just rolled out of bed taking my kid to school. Not in a million years will I ever be some frumpy looking housewife at the grocery store with baby food in my hair and holes and stains on my clothes. If I even attempt to go to Walmart without makeup or looking less than glamourous I always without fail see someone I know. And that person always looks like they have put some sort of effort into their appearance. I will just have to be lazy while I can still get away with it.

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Nicole said...

Yeah...Andi said that one day she took her kids to school and there was a mom that had her bath robe on and her hair was all crazy. I would of just waited in the car.
You copycat!!! How soon after you saw my music did you get your own???


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