Friday, November 13, 2009

My littlest lady

Tomorrow Ava will be 3 months old! She is definitely growing up so fast and before I know it she won't be a little cuddly chubby baby anymore. She is already rolling over and she holds her head up and smiles so much. I think she has grand plans to sit on her own and crawl soon so she can keep up with her big sister.

She is such a mellow and sweet baby. She loves to be held but shes equally content just laying on her playmat on the floor and looking at her reflection and the toys dangling above her head. She already has super secret thigh rolls that are only visible when she doesn't have her diaper on and now her thighs are getting chubbier and she has a cute little double chin. She is so pretty and so chubby! I like to kiss her chubby little neck and her plump little cheeks. She has such  super long eyelashes and shiny black hair that sticks up just enough in the back. She is definitely going to look like her big sister when she gets older but she has a very different personality.

Having Ava made our family feel much more complete but at the same time it made me really want a 3rd baby. They are so small and sweet when they are born and your heart is just filled with so much love for this little person you just met. Labor with Ava was really easy and before I knew it I had my second little lady. My Dr. induced me the day after my due date and I was super grateful since it was August and it was really hot! Despite the summer heat I really love being pregnant. Call me crazy but I think its exciting and fun just waiting to meet your little one and picking out cute little clothes for them to wear. Plus its the one time in your life to don't have to worry about having a flat stomach!

36 weeks pregnant with ava

right after she was born - slimy but still cute!

holding my newest lady right after she was born

me, ava and david

alana meeting her little sister for the first time

1 day old with her cute hat the nurses made

ready to go home from the hospital - she had scrawny little legs

one week old

one month old

2 months old

almost 3 months old

My favorite things about Ava are:

  *her easy going sweet nature
  *her chubby cheeks and thighs
  *her long eyelashes and big dark eyes
  *her cute little voice when she "talks"
  *her obsession with staring at the ceiling fan
  *the way she waves her arms and legs like a crazy woman when shes on the floor
   *her sweet smile

She is the sweetest baby ever and I'm so happy to have her!

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Krystal said...

You are such a good mom! And you were so stinkin cute pregnant:)


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