Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alana cracks me up!

At least 10 times a day Alana says something crazy or just so cute I can't help but laugh. Here is a list of my top ten recent faves in no particular order:

1. Maybe Santa will buy me that for Christmas.
2. Money buys groceries. We have food though. Theres a pizza in the freezer.
3. Play pet shop "duys" with me. Not like that. Like me.
4. Mommy, I'm home! I came back and I "wub" you!
5. Yey me!
6. You did a good job coloring that Mommy. Yey you!
7.  Me look nice, like Barbie!
8. Me want cottage cheese and yogurt to watch "tb" in da bedroom.
9. Me go to bed. (This one just surprises me cause what 3 year old asks to go to bed?)
10. Me just love Mommy. Not you Daddy. Just Mommy.

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