Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Haircut #2

     Alana wasn't exactly excited about getting her haircut yesterday. I actually had to bribe her with a bubblebath of all things. She wasn't big on the idea of getting her picture taken either as you can see above. She got her first haircut in June because it was really uneven but I only cut off a little bit because I didn't want her hair to be super short. I decided yesterday that since her hair was still uneven and way longer and thicker on the left that I would cut off an inch or two. It probably ended up being closer to two but it looks so much cuter. I don't know how three year olds end up with split ends but she had her share of them and her hair is so fine that it gets tangled really easily. Now she has a cute shorter haircut that doesn't weigh down her pretty little curls and doesn't require as much effort to brush. I can't believe she is big enough to get her hair cut 2 times already!

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