Sunday, November 8, 2009


My 2 hot ladies Alana and Ava are just so cute! They are such good sisters right now. Alana is always insisting that she get to hold her baby sister although at this point its more Ava just laying across her lap unless I prop her up next to her in the chair or on the couch. Ava just looks up at Alana and smiles. They really like each other right now.

I'm sure they'll fight when they get older, that's what siblings do. Its easier for them to get along right now since Ava is not old enough to want to play with Alana's toys so there are zero sharing issues. At some point Alana is gonna want someone to blame stuff on too and who is an easier target than your sibling. If you're an only child and something goes wrong, goes missing or gets broken you're the only suspect, but with a sister the blame is split and you can just deny, deny, deny.

I may have blamed my sister for stuff when I was young. (Not an admission of guilt). When a couple of Barbies mysteriously showed up with super short hair and my mom asked who did it, I pointed the finger at Nicole. Sorry. How was I supposed to know that if you cut Barbie's hair it doesn't look cute. Not at all. It sticks up in every direction and you can see every little hole where they shoved the hair into her little plastic head. Lesson learned.

I know all of these sibling rivalries are in the future for our family. Lots of Mom, she's looking at me funny. Mom, she pinched me. Mom, she won't do what I want her to do. Why does she get a candy bar and I don't? How come she never gets blamed for everything? Its not fair! I guess I will have to deal with it and referee the fights as they come along. Until then I'm gonna enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Nicole said...

Yeah I still remember getting spanked and sitting in timeout and no one would believe that it wasn't me. Also....poor barbie...not everyone can look good with short hair like us!


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