Monday, December 1, 2014

Baby Number 4 - My Favorite Surprise Ever

Let's be real here, I was not planning on having any more kids after Witten. And at the time that I got pregnant, I did not have baby fever. David did, but not me. I was pretty apprehensive at the thought of having 4 kids, because I was barely hanging on to that last shred of sanity with 3 kids. But, I came around to the idea. I kind of had no choice about it right? And now, I'm glad I had this guy, I'll probably keep him. Also, I'm including his birth story in this post, and its far from graphic, but if you don't want to read it, just scroll through the pictures.
I knew when his birthday would be for almost 2 weeks before I had him, but that still didn't mean I was prepared. Sure, I stocked up on muffins and cookies at Panera on my way to the hospital, and I brought my camera, but I would've gladly kept him in there despite any discomfort caused by pregnancy. To say this was my least comfortable pregnancy would be an understatement, but I didn't have anything serious wrong with me so I'm really grateful for that. I can live with round ligament pain, I'm just glad I've never had anything worse than that. And even though I had an entire 12 days to mentally prepare, I still didn't take any belly shots until the sun was about to go down the day before I had him. Call it denial, whatever, but putting makeup on any earlier in the day was not something I had the energy for.

My doctor let me elect to get induced at 39 weeks, because Dr Decker is the greatest doctor ever and clearly does not want to anger pregnant women. Since 39 weeks happened to fall on a Sunday, I went in the next day to get induced 6 days early. When I say I was unsure about being ready, I mean it. I didn't want to get out of the van when we got to the hospital. Its amazing David didn't have to drag me in there kicking and screaming. I considered making a run for it while David and I sat in the waiting area waiting for a nurse to come get me, even after we laughed at a couple who were clearly first time parents who brought their carseat and base into the delivery room with them. I would've run, but I wasn't very fast.

I ended up with the same labor and delivery nurse that I had with Witten, and she recognized David and I at about the same time that we were thinking she looked familiar. It was nice to have someone I had already met and who had held my leg up once before. She said she always volunteered to take Dr Decker's patients, so she was bound to end up with me anyway.

When I finally got all hooked up to everything and the doctor broke my water around 8, I was only dilated to like 2. Since it was 6 days before my due date and my baby had no intentions of coming out on his own anytime soon, I knew it was going to be a long day. I basically laid in my bed all day, waiting, while David watched ESPN. I changed the channel a couple of times, but daytime TV is garbage and I honestly did not really care what was on. At 2 pm, after I had pitocin and an epidural so strong my legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds each, I was at 5. That kind of made me feel like I was going to be laying in that bed the rest of my life. I felt like that for no reason though, since when my doctor came to check on me at 3 I was at 9. Hope returned, eventually I would be able to move and eat again!

I was at the end of a crappy head cold at this point in my pregnancy, so I couldn't breathe through my nose. I will just say that makes labor a little bit harder, because anytime you are doing that much work it is useful to be able to breathe. After the nurse and David help up my 100 pound legs for about 30 minutes of pushing without breathing through my nose, I finally had a baby at 4:50 PM, and he had no plans of coming out of there on his own.

David cut the cord, which he always tries to opt out of, but they basically gave him no choice with either of the boys. He would prefer just to observe.

This studly little guy was 7 pounds and 19 inches long, my smallest baby. Everyone always forgets how small babies start out, because they grow so fast. I love when they are brand new and snuggle up on my chest and their little butt fits perfectly into my hand. I don't want to forget how that feels, I hate that it goes so fast. He is officially my last baby, my little surprise guy.

I took many many pictures of him in the hospital. I had him at 5 on Monday, but I couldn't walk until about 9:30-10, so I couldn't take any pictures until late that night and the next morning. I definitely made up for lost time though, I took more pictures of him than of my other kids. Witten is probably a close second, but I maybe have 2 pictures of Alana and Ava from right after they were born. I blame my crappy point and shoot camera and the fact that Pinterest hadn't been invented yet to give me ideas. I wish I had taken more pictures with the girls, but I make up for it now by taking too many pictures of them as bigger kids.

David had to leave at about 8 to go home and take care of the older kids, so that left me with nurses carrying me to the bathroom when I still couldn't feel my legs. One of those nurses brought me Oreos in the middle of the night, which should be a thing every night when you've just had a baby. I was tired and hungry, and I'm really grateful for all of the people who brought me food while I was in the hospital, it really is much more useful than flowers. A pumpkin pie bagel is so much better than flowers, and a burrito bowl from Chipotle is far superior to some balloons or stuffed animals. Not to mention all of the good food David went to get, even though he didn't stay overnight with me either night, he still got me pizza and cookies and Chinese food. Much better than flowers.

Because Liam wasn't born until the evening and it was a school night, the girls and Witten didn't get to meet him until the next day. I knew the girls would be obsessed with him, but since Witten had been insisting I was having a baby dog the whole time I was pregnant, I didn't know what he would think. It turned out that he likes him though, luckily, even if he isn't a dog.

You know how when your kids aren't around and you miss them? I missed my older kids, that is until they came to the hospital and visited at "quiet time" and they were the opposite of quiet. I was glad they got to come see their new brother, but then I was glad when they went home because they trashed my hospital room and ran around yelling the whole time.

I had to stay for 48 hours after having him because I had Group B strep, and I was glad for the extra time to sort of rest while I was there. The food isn't gourmet, but all you have to do when you need something is press a button and nurses bring you drugs and ice water no matter what time of day it is. Good nurses make a huge difference, especially to me, because after David leaves I will literally talk to anyone who comes to my room because I'm so bored.

I feel like even though I didn't really plan on having a fourth kid, obviously the universe had a different plan. Now that he is here, I'm so happy to have him and to have that one last chance to hold a tiny perfect baby. At the beginning of my pregnancy the nurse practitioner at my doctor's office asked me if I was happy to be pregnant, and I wasn't sure of the answer. I think I replied something about how I couldn't really change it either way, so I may as well be happy about it. But really, I didn't know how I felt about it for awhile. Of course my doctor made it easier to survive that last part by inducing me, but I was apprehensive the whole time. I just didn't know what I was thinking, adding another boy to our house, but it turned out okay.

I'm glad that this boy surprised me by joining our family, even if it meant I couldn't bend over for awhile and just looking at spaghetti gave me heartburn. I'm happy to have one more baby to love and I know that this bittersweet feeling of knowing that part of my life is over won't ever go away, I'm glad that I got to have 4 easy pregnancies and 4 healthy babies. I got induced 3 out of 4 times, and I am so grateful for an awesome doctor who took care of me and delivered 3 out of 4 of my babies. Its funny how attached you get to your doctor when you are pregnant, because such a vital piece of your life is in their hands. That's a big part of why I like getting induced, because you are guaranteed your own doctor. I'm happy to have a husband who will hold my leg while I have a baby, then go get me a pizza afterward because I'm starving. I guess I'll keep him too, he's okay. That's why I let him watch ESPN the whole time I was in labor, I like him. I'm glad to have him and these 4 people who have basically kept me from sleeping through the night for like 8 years.

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