Monday, January 6, 2014

I Hate Pawn Stars and Other Random Thoughts

So. Here I am. Its 2014, I've washed my hair once so far this year. That's a remarkable accomplishment if you ask me. I managed to do as little as possible during Christmas break. One day I actually felt kind of crappy and overtired from doing nothing but reading. I was literally exhausted, and I had laid around all day.

My kids are all recovering from the stomach flu, poor Witten came down with it last night and napped about half the day as a result. The girls got over it just in time for school to start back up, but they wasted their last weekend of break laying on the couch and throwing up on literally every surface in the bathroom. EVERY SURFACE. I feel a sense of impending doom since I have yet to get sick, but I got a flu shot suckas, you aren't infecting me with every germ you bring around here.

I want to blog more, but I think that Instagram has taken a major spot in the documenting-my-life-and-such as far as day-to-day life goes. That, and my best ideas come to me at 10 pm, right when I decide that I've had enough for the day and my head hits the pillow. Then my brain is like, Hey, you know what would be great to blog about? Everything. You should totally write about all of the things, and your thoughts and opinions on all of the things. Go ahead, I'll wait. But instead I go to sleep, putting off for tomorrow what my brain thinks I should do NOW NOW NOW. Then, when tomorrow arrives, my blog ideas have gone somewhere else, my brain instead occupied with thoughts of What time is it? Five more minutes of sleep please, then I'll make Alana's lunch. I don't want to get up, mornings are terrible, just sleep some more then we will eat eggs and sit on the couch and never ever blog. That's what my actual thoughts are, FYI.

After my kids go to sleep is the only time I find to blog, that's how I have found myself here, furiously typing away as David watches Pawn Stars. Stupid show, who cares about this crap anyway. After this show there will be football, there's always football to be watched. Usually I occupy myself with Pinterest, scrolling away through recipes and gardens I would love to grow if my baby would stop climbing the stairs and eating sidewalk chalk everytime I take him outside. Someday I will make him rake and pull weeds, then we will be even...

I don't technically make New Year's resolutions. I don't really see the point, why wait till a new year to start changing things. That aside, there are things I would like to do this year. Maybe blog, we'll see how that one goes. I think one of the main things on my to-do list for 2014 is yard work. We bought this house last March, and the yard was nothing but powdery dirt in front, and overgrown trees and bushes everywhere else. It is fenced in, but the back faces an alley and the high school, and the chain link offers zero privacy. There is no separation between the front and back, and I hate that. We are dreaming and planning on buying a swingset next month, so my mission is to clear the ugly mesquite tree from the back and plant some bushes to act as a living fence. That seems like a doable task for 2014, especially when its nice and sunny in AZ right now, and everywhere else is covered in snow.

Now I've had to put Witten back to sleep, which caused me to lose my random train of thought, and the only way to get it back is to travel to that point about 30 seconds before sleep, after which I will remember nothing. So instead I will leave you with a picture of some kids. They're okay I guess, I might keep them, because I heard that eventually they will learn how to fold their own laundry. If that doesn't pan out then I will reconsider.


Brian and Janette said...

I can't get over how similar your actual thoughts are to mine! least the part about the great ideas coming at bed time and then vanishing into thin air upon waking!'s a busy life. A busy, wonderful life!

Jennifer said...

It is busy and wonderful lol. I choose sleep over blogging most days, that's where my priorities lie at this point in my life, even though my ideas all leave my brain before morning.


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