Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Break: A Review

First of all, my main problem with fall break is this: it was not invented until I was an adult. I could've used a week or two off when I was in school. This is bull crap. Moving on, our fall break was both eventful and lazy enough so I didn't have to wash my hair more than 5 times max.

The first few days we did zero activities, besides soccer. Then Alana's birthday landed on the first Wednesday of the break, so she had a party, which I talked about here. She had a blast, she is a lover of birthdays.

I managed to remain inactive again for the few days after that. We laid around our house, basically did nothing but watch The Croods 20 times a day. Alana still had soccer practice, but that doesn't require much effort from me.

On the Saturday after Alana's birthday we had another party at Peter Piper, which I also blogged about here. I even washed my hair for the occasion, but then not again for a few days.

At some point amidst all the days that I didn't wash my hair, we managed to go outside and snap a couple of family pictures. The light behind these pecan trees in our yard was too perfect to pass up. It was worth washing my hair.

The second week of fall break I pretty much had nothing planned. This led to more watching of The Croods, less washing of my hair, and lots of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And I took a few more pictures. There was one perfect day where the weather was so nice outside, it actually felt like fall. So we had to play out there, it would've been criminal not to.

After my two weeks of laziness all of our plans for fun pretty much fell on the same day: David's birthday. We had tickets to Disney on Ice and plans to celebrate without any kids later that day. A funny story about Disney on Ice, I was 100% sure that our tickets were for the 11 am show. But when I pulled out the tickets, they said 3 pm. That altered our plans a little bit, but luckily I double checked or we would've been in Tucson 4 hours too early. That would've been slightly inconvenient.

The whole day of the show Ava cried and whined, like she does, because she didn't want to leave Witten to go to Disney on Ice. She was going to miss him too much. It would've been cute if it wasn't so annoying. Every time I turned around she was standing there crying. We finally talked some sense into her, not a lot, there's only so much you can say to a 4 year old, and she agreed to go. I wasn't about to pay $30 for Witten to go, he would not have sat through it, so she had to get over herself.

Both girls LOVED the show. It was all princesses, so of course they loved it. David hadn't been that excited about going, because he's a man and it was a princess show, but it was fun for him and for me just to see how much fun the girls had. Ava said it was the best day ever, but she says that frequently so I don't know how much she meant it. She did love it though. Every time I looked over at her and Alana's faces they were so happy and excited, totally worth the price of admission.

After the princesses and ice skating finally concluded, we drove back home, picked up my boy, and sat around for like an hour before dropping all of our kids off for a sleepover. Then we went to karaoke for David's birthday.

I was reluctant to go out again that night. I was tired, I'm a homebody, I don't drink. BUT, it ended up being the most fun I'd had in a long time. I laughed so hard I cried, I caught up with old friends who I've known since seventh grade, I ate some fried food, I teased David's cousin about not knowing how to ride a bike. Good times. I want to go again, just to hear a white lady rap Ice Ice Baby one more time in my life.

All in all, fall break was a hit. I didn't want to go back to our routine after that two weeks off. It was cold outside and I had to wash my hair. I would prefer to stay home in my pajamas, catch up on my cookie eating. But real life has resumed, I might as well embrace it. 


CatDee said...

What did you guys do for Halloween?
You gonna show some pictures?

I love love love the family pictures!
Though it seems like David tries to kill Witten in nearly all of them haha.
And bless Ava for her crying..

And yes I know the 'No-hair-washing-staying-in-pyjamas-days' and I love them!

CatDee said...

And Alana looks way to old with her hair straight.. she looks so different..amazing.

Jennifer said...

I just posted some Halloween pictures for you lol. My modem was broken, so it took awhile. And I'm lazy :)

I agree that Alana looks too old with straight hair, its crazy. She's like a little teenager.


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