Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Milestones: 12 Months (Only Like 1 Month Late!!!)

Well, Witten turned one like a month ago but whatever. I didn't forget, I just didn't want to write about and/or acknowledge it because I hate it. As you can see from the above pictures, onesie pictures got gradually worse, or Witten got less cooperative. He basically taunted me by acting like he was going to dive head first out of the chair the whole time I was trying to take his picture, while smiling and laughing maniacally. Then, when I finally got him to sit down and quit being all Kamikaze baby on me, he refused to smile. Sat there all poker faced. He didn't smile again till I put him on the floor and let him pull off his onesie sticker. Little stinker.

So, he is one. And he is a crazy person. He can walk, now featuring pivoting, standing still, and almost running. When he gets tired he runs into a lot of stuff, mostly headfirst. He needs a helmet for his day-to-day life, this kid always has some sort of bruise or bump on his head. He has also recently learned to drink out of a straw, but he spits out half of whatever he just drank which I don't understand, maybe he's trying to cool off. Most of his skill practicing goes to walking though, he's a walking maniac.

Witten weighs 20 lbs 7 oz, so he's pretty average sized. He is kind of just long and skinny, he's really not very big except for a couple of modest thigh rolls that are pretty average. He still wears mostly 9 months clothes, but I put a lot of 12 months on him because that's what I bought him for this summer. The shorts all fit him okay, but I have to fold the waist band over so they aren't like capri pants and they stay up. He recently got his first pair of baby Nikes, but when we put them on him he won't walk or go anywhere. I'm thinking of putting them on him to prevent him from getting into stuff. Then I can keep the garbage can in a normal place and not on top of a table. 

My dude's baby vocabulary is pretty repetitive. His favorite words are dad-dad because he's a daddy's boy and....dinga. I don't know what dinga is supposed to be, but he says it all the time. Its like Shalom or Aloha, it has multiple meanings. He walks around saying dinga dinga, all serious, so to him it means something, just not to the rest of the world. He also says mom-mom, but he saves it for when he's tired or crying, then he comes crawling back to me. The rest of the time he's all dad-dad, until he's crying.

The most serious thing in Witten's life is playing, especially with cars. He pushes cars around all the time, then takes a break and throws a couple of balls at stuff. He is all business with his toys, having fun should be done as much as possible, and he does it whenever he feels like it. The only other thing he takes that seriously is causing trouble. If there is something to be gotten into, he will find it. I don't even use the computer that often if he is awake because he comes over and bangs on the keyboard. I've deleted several extra letters and apostrophes from this post that were caused by him, he's very into typing. I had to take the knobs off of the cupboard where I keep the laptop and modem because he kept getting into it. Other top things on his list to get into: the garbage, kitchen cupboards and drawers (that's why I keep all cleaning products above the dryer), the DVDs, any bookshelves, and all of the girl's toys. He's a wild one, and he can make a mess before you can get over to him to attempt to stop him.

This boy is full of personality, slightly devilish, and slightly sweet. He likes to get up really early, and then lay on my lap for like 30 minutes because he's still tired. He still tries to fight off naps, so about 5 minutes after I lay him down I have to go in and check on him because he is asleep sitting up, all in the name of fighting sleep. He has been to the movies with us a couple times lately, and he was riveted at the giant screen, dancing along to Despicable Me 2, until he just couldn't handle the excitement anymore and passed out. And dancing, that is his specialty. He's got the music in him. He dances to everything, even if you just sing a made-up song to him, he will sway back and forth and dance. Its pretty much my favorite. Then he will look over at me and smile all goofy, and I just want to squish him up. One year olds are crazy.

People always say that two is terrible, but I disagree, at least two year olds can talk and you can sort of reason with them. One year olds are wild hooligans who should be regarded with caution, they might bite you or break out into dance yelling Dinga! This boy intends to live up to the terrible-ness of one, and so far he is exceeding expectations. Good thing he's so cute to make up for it.

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