Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Monster of a First Birthday

I'm posting two days in a row! I know right?!! And this time its once again something that happened like a month ago, I'm so on top of things! So then, onto something that happened a month ago, Witten's birthday party.

I don't really like to get too into a theme, it can be overwhelming. I don't need every food that we serve to somehow fit perfectly into a category that goes with a perfect thing, why can't we just have sandwiches right? So that's what we did. We had a monster birthday party, but really just the invites and cake were monsters, everything else was just primary colored decorations and 3-foot subs from Eegee's.

We invited everyone, cause you only turn one once, and everyone showed up. It was a full house in our little house, thank goodness for air conditioning. Thanks to everybody who came and brought gifts and helped us eat 9-feet of subs!

My dude mostly just hung out, conservatively smashed his cupcake, then distractedly helped us open his presents because he wanted to play with everything that was unwrapped and Hey guys, open up this truck it looks awesome who cares about everything else! He got many toys on wheels and sports themed toys and manly stuff because he's a man and that's what he likes. His room now looks like a parking garage there are so many cars and things on wheels in it. Many vroom, vrooms have been heard in there since his party, he is a driving maniac.

While his actual birthday made me sad, I was too distracted when it came time for his party because I have to cut up this fruit and make some vinaigrette and frost a green cake, no time for feelings! There was cupcakes and presents and friends and family to divert my attention from the grown-up state of my baby. I'd call it a success, pretty good for my last first birthday party.

Its physically impossible to not look stupid when opening presents. Its just science.

Happy birthday my Witten boy! You may be a wild man, but I love you lots!

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