Monday, June 10, 2013

I Grew Grass...Sort Of

When we moved into this house the yard was just powdery dirt. I hate dirt, it just gets wet and makes mud. I really hate mud. So I planted grass, which was not as successful as I would've liked, but there is some grass out there. Its spotty at best. One half is patches of the bermuda grass that I originally planted, and I've been told that it spreads, which is true. The other half is less grassy, with some small bunches of bermuda and some spotty rye, which isn't as resilient as the bermuda. I'm hoping it will fill in some more when monsoon season gets here, and maybe I'll add some extra seeds to it in the mean time. Until then, we will sit in the patches and pretend we have a grassy lawn. And I will work on my grass growing skills so that next year it looks really good, even like the grass is intentional.

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