Saturday, February 2, 2013

First World Problems

I'm stuck using my laptop right now because my desk top computer isn't working right and that stresses me out. I'm trying to decide between fixing the old computer (which we bought in February 2006 so its like a dinosaur as far as computers go) or buying a new one. I know, my life is hard.

I also spent too much of my day searching for one of Ava's favorite toys, which is a small figurine of a princess. I searched and searched and so far have come up empty handed. I have no clue where else to look.

Due to the serious nature of these problems I cannot concentrate on any other task, plus I ate a whole row of a package of Oreos so my stomach kind of hurts. I have a short attention span sometimes, except if I'm obsessively looking for something that is lost. So now I'm going back to devoting my energy to trying to fix my computer and find Princess Sofia.

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