Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Milestones: 7 Months

I hate time. Why must it pass so quickly? Why does my baby have to be 7 months already? He will be one before I know it, and although one year olds are still technically a baby, its just not the same. They are more independent and a far cry from snuggly newborns.

My Witten boy is growing and growing, he won't slow down. In the past month he got 2 bottom teeth, learned to sit up all by himself, and decided that he is a grown man. He now loves to sit on the floor and play with his toys, although I put a pillow behind him because he occasionally tips over. He also took a bath in the big bath sitting up all alone, and didn't tip till I tried to get his attention from above him to take his picture. He was kind of mad at me for that one.

He still isn't the hugest fan of most baby food, but yogurt is acceptable. He has had a couple of adventures with an arrowroot cookie and a graham cracker, both were deemed messy but delicious. Breastmilk is still his number one favorite food, and that is fine because its free and doesn't dirty any dishes.

Last month at the doctor he weighed 17 lbs 7oz, and that was before he put on any holiday weight, so I'm assuming that by now he weighs 18 lbs. He weighs enough that I hurt my back carrying him in his carseat yesterday so today I'm walking around like the hunchback. He weighs a lot, but he isn't a really big baby. He is just solid muscle, and he doesn't even work out.

Out of all of Witten's favorite things, sitting on my lap and smiling at me is in the top five. I don't even have to be doing anything special, he just likes me for some reason. Partly because I supply the milks. He gives me cuddles and some slobbery baby kisses and laughs, making him my favorite baby dude of all time. He also finds his sisters amusing, especially Alana when she is being wild and annoying. Wild and annoying Alana = hilarious. David's wrestling moves are also on his list of amusing things. He smiles the whole time, even if he is being held upside down.

I'm lucky to have such a good-natured and sweet boy to complete our family. If only he would stop growing up so fast.

By the way, this is what happens to onesie stickers when babies get bigger. You have to take pictures quickly because they want to eat the sticker, clearly stickers are a delicacy and oh so delicious.


CatDee said...

Waaah he's such a sweety..blimey..
Please have more children? :)

Jennifer said...

I would love to have more babies, minus the sleepless nights part. If I had a night nurse I'd have like 6 kids, but I'll need to win the lottery first.

Brian and Janette said...

He is so stinkin' cute!!!

CatDee said...

Fingers crossed for a lottery win!
I think he totally comes after you.

Oh and thanks for 'revealing' that its onesie stickers..I was always fascinated that you had a babygro for every month haha.

Jennifer said...

I bought some stickers on Etsy when he was born. I figured that it was easier than buying 12 onesies that he would just wear for a picture. You can also buy iron on stickers, but that is a little too permanent for me. Stickers were my best bet, nice and removable.


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