Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Growing dude.

I am a terrible blogger. I'm busy, I'm distracted, I have a short attention span. Instead of doing math homework right now I'm taking five minutes to share new things about my dude.

First, he has two teeth. Two teeth he was not happy about getting, but now he has them and all is good again. They are razor sharp too, he'll bite you. You've got to watch your fingers, he is hungry.

Second, he can now sit up all by his lonesome. He does suffer from occasional tipping though, so you have to be careful because if he falls over he gets MAD.

Third, he is the cutest dude in history, but he will not smile at the camera no matter how much I jump around. The only way he will smile is if I take my face out of behind the camera, so sometimes my pictures are a little off center. Totally worth it though, he has a cute devilish boy smile.

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