Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doing It All

Sometimes, some people, ask me, because they're curious How I do it? You know, it. The cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the making of too many cookies, the pictures, the blogging, the student crap. I have no answer. I don't do it all. In fact, since my dude arrived on the scene, I've been a little lazy. Not like groundbreaking unparalled new levels of laziness, just normal, mom-of-3-kids laziness.

I don't try to be Supermom! If I did, I'd fail. My day is a whirlwind of housework and just for fun I try to squeeze in some homework and then just for laughs sometimes I sit on my couch and watch Law & Order SVU. That last one rarely happens, but I do love that show and its weirdness combined with lots of predictability. At the end of the day everyday I kind of feel like I've accomplished nothing, even if I've barely sat down. By the time the Daily Show comes on I'm tired and ready to sleep, and eat some cookies if I managed to find time in my day for that. I don't that I have the energy to be Supermom! I'm just barely getting by being Regular mom who tries not to lose her temper when kids are fighting about something stupid!

I can admit to being good at some things, domestic or not. I'm good at these things because of LOTS of practice. I can make a decent batch of cookies, but I've got a crazy sweet tooth and I've been obsessed with chocolate chip cookies since I was old enough to chew. I have been making cookies since I was old enough to use the oven and not all have been good. I can make a decent dinner, but that too has been something I've been doing since I could use the stove. There is no secret to cooking, you just have to follow directions, it isn't rocket science. I can take an above average possibly pretty good photograph, but that too takes practice practice practice. My house is clean and even with three kids I find time to vacuum everyday, this isn't something I compromise on. The bedrooms can be messy, but I must have a clean kitchen and living room in order for my brain to function properly.

As much as I can admit to things I do well, I can also admit that some things I suck at. Sewing: I am the world's worst seamstress. There's a reason you don't see me on here posting pictures of things I sewed up in my spare time. I am horrible at it. I'm not patient enough and I HATE sewing. If I can't buy it or get someone else to sew it for me I don't need it. I can't do a cartwheel, because as a small wimpy child I was convinced that my arms would not support my 50 pounds of body weight. I don't know how to whistle, a skill that my six year old has mastered. I'm terrible at math, that is why I am retaking a math class I took 2 years ago and got a bad grade in.

I don't shoot for perfection, I set my sights on slightly above average. I want to be a B student at life. There are things I do well, not everything mind you, and in those subjects I get an A. But then there are those subjects that bring my life GPA down, even if I'm not being graded in whistling. You don't have to do everything, be everything, and always be the best. Just give everything a fair shot and know when to throw in the towel, or when to just stop what you're doing and go make some cookies.

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