Friday, December 14, 2012

Things People Say at Inappropriate Times

I am possibly the only person in my family who does not own a gun. Barring the occurence of a zombie apocalypse, I have no personal use for one. It is not something that interests me. I do not hunt or participate in any other gun related hobbies. And it is not because I am "anti-gun" it is because I have no reason to. I have enough hobbies.

My dad owns guns. He kept one in his glove compartment in his truck my entire childhood. He shoots at stuff for fun (inanimate objects, let's be sure to clarify that). I have no objection to this. He even used to take me shooting with him when I was little but I do not remember thinking it was fun, it was too loud.

I do not care if people own guns. I do not object, that's fine. The only thing I hate is when there is a gun related tragedy and everyone and their brother goes around talking about how Guns don't kill people, people kill people. That may be partly true, but this morning this happened. Now I'm sure I won't be able to go on Facebook or watch the news without hearing pro-gun arguments and that makes me a little sick to my stomach.

I'm not getting into a debate with anybody about gun control. That's other people's issues right there. My issue takes root with people who use tragedies as a platform to support their beliefs. Owning a gun for hunting/shooting/whatever type of protection you may need is another issue. Don't use the deaths of kindergarteners as a basis for your argument.

I do not care if people are offended by this or disagree. What I am saying is not pro- or anti-gun, its anti-people shooting other people for no reason. No one has to agree with my opinions on guns, although I've left them slightly vague. The only thing that I want people to agree about is that when stuff like this happens it is a tragedy and the only thing people should do is come together and support each other, not fight about personal opinions.


Brian and Janette said...

I attempted to post a comment on this earlier, but my phone timed out, so I guess it didn't end up posting after all. I'll do my best to recreate it.

When tragedies like these occur, people are naturally inclined to want answers as to why. Speculation ensues. Suggestions are made from both sides--I've already seen it from both in just a matter of hours. It's definitely not a one-sided issue. I think it's a coping mechanism for if it somehow relieves them of the gut-wrenching horror and sadness they feel. Their grief is manifested as anger. I'm not saying that two wrongs make a right or that it is justified. What I am trying to do is understand those who are trying to understand. (Does that make sense?) Because if there is anything this world needs, it's understanding. Empathy. Love. May I never lose focus of the things that matter most! Peace to you and yours.

Jennifer said...

I agree that it is a coping mechanism. I think that many people are looking to rationalize their point of view, and that happens from both sides of the issue. I took this event a little more personally since I have a kindergartener, so it felt more real to me (not that other shootings don't feel as "real" but it is possible they occur so often we are becoming desensitized).

I feel like every time there is gun related violence, which there seems to be an abundance of lately, people want someone to blame and they also want to defend themselves from any perceived attack on their opinions. It drives me crazy! Just go hug your kids people and stop trying to explain away everything.


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